Tips on cleaning sheet using 2 things that we can find in our cupboard. Inspiring article ! No matter how expensive your sheets are, each time you sleep on them, they absorb a little more sweat and oil from your skin. Have you gotten the hint that today’s post is a little more realistic than escapist?! I’m in the middle of cleaning out my garage, and I recently came across an old duvet cover that I’d love to re-use as guest bedding. It’s stylish (from Dwell Studio). It’s high-quality. But it doesn’t smell fresh, especially since it’s been bagged up in our garage for theRead More →

One of the things that we run out of the most frequently in our house is laundry soap. The cost always struck me as a little high especially when you consider half of what you are getting in the bottle is water. One day as I was lamenting to a friend about this never-ending problem, she recommended that I try making my own. I thought why not and have been doing so for months. Not only do I save at least $15 a month, I have also eliminated some of the fillers and dyes that irritate my son’s sensitive skin without paying for the “speciallyRead More →

Whether it’s art that you’ve admired for years or photos of family members and cherished memories, most people have some pieces they’d like to display. Art adds an element of personality to a home, but most people have trouble figuring out how to display these pieces. Here are some ideas for displaying a collection or a single stand-alone piece. The Centerpiece Taking into account the shape of the room and the light coming into it, choose a wall that will amply fit your standout piece. A large vintage map or a very big painting work best for this kind of display. Hang the art soRead More →

home remodeling

Are you intending to invest in home improvement? Here are top 6 home improvements that you can invest. Kitchen remodel Kitchen has become the hub of today’s family life, sometimes serving as an office, gathering place, and dining area. Whether you want to just rejuvenate your kitchen with new appliances, lighting, or you have chosen a major kitchen remodel, updating your kitchen can make it easy to accommodate your lifestyle. Some of the remodeling ideas include walk-in pantry, state-of-the-art appliances, or granite countertops. Bathroom remodeling Bathroom improvement is an affordable and a small project that can result in a great impact on your daily life.Read More →

small house design ideas

We live in a world where minimalism is a biggie. A lot of home owners today would prefer to live in a tiny home just to be near to their place of work and make their daily lives a lot easier. Living rooms are not solely used for entertaining guests. You can now use this space of your home to cater to your personal needs. Small house interior design will allow you to live and work within your living room area. Come on, smaller homes can never dedicate a room to one specific function exclusively. Your living room has been a place for watching movies,Read More →

garden pest control

Some pests, such as the tomato homworm, can be picked off by hand; some, such as spider mites, can be washed off with a strong jet of water from the hose. A word on systemics: these are pesticides and fungicides which are taken up into the plant’s system, rendering the plant poisonous to all who would chew upon it (please note, parents whose small children have indiscriminate appetites). Systemics come in granules which you scratch into the ground under the plant, liquid you paint on the trunks of trees, and spray. These systemics are strongly advocated by many experts for use on deciduous trees andRead More →

Rainwater gutters are good method used to collect water from rooftops and channel it to storage containers and tanks for storage. Rainwater captured by the gutters can be used for domestic purposes such as irrigation toilet flushing and other house chores that require water. If well-treated, it can also be used as drinking water. The trapped water can also reduce the dependency of municipal water supply and reduce water bills. It can however be more effective in rainy climates than dry weather. There is a need to clean our gutters Can we depend on the water captured from our rooftops if our gutters aren’t clean?Read More →

Gardening is a passionate hobby that can be enjoyed regardless of changing doesn’t matter whether rain or shine hot or cold there is beauty to be enjoyed in gardening. We have to take time to plant for winter effect, aswell assummer and there is no reason why our lawn and garden should lose its appealing beauty during the cold winter. Flowers may not be there during this cold season but we may be able to work with different colors to maintain the scenic beauty that once was. The snow covering the land scape in itself provides attractive scenery and how much more beauty canRead More →

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