Solid counter tops are not cheap, that is why you need to maintain those. Here are tips whatever type of counter top you have. Marble This stone is soft, porous and relatively weak. Marble will scratch easily, absorb standing stains and must be treated with care. For routine cleaning, dust, then buff with a barely damp cleaning cloth to restore the shine. When more intense cleaning is required, pour a little clear non-sudsing ammonia onto a cleaning cloth, wipe the marble surface and buff dry. When finished, use a commercial marble polish to restore the shine. Never use abrasive cleaners on marble surfaces. Avoid acid-basedRead More →

home remodeling

Are you intending to invest in home improvement? Here are top 6 home improvements that you can invest. Kitchen remodel Kitchen has become the hub of today’s family life, sometimes serving as an office, gathering place, and dining area. Whether you want to just rejuvenate your kitchen with new appliances, lighting, or you have chosen a major kitchen remodel, updating your kitchen can make it easy to accommodate your lifestyle. Some of the remodeling ideas include walk-in pantry, state-of-the-art appliances, or granite countertops. Bathroom remodeling Bathroom improvement is an affordable and a small project that can result in a great impact on your daily life.Read More →

small house design ideas

We live in a world where minimalism is a biggie. A lot of home owners today would prefer to live in a tiny home just to be near to their place of work and make their daily lives a lot easier. Living rooms are not solely used for entertaining guests. You can now use this space of your home to cater to your personal needs. Small house interior design will allow you to live and work within your living room area. Come on, smaller homes can never dedicate a room to one specific function exclusively. Your living room has been a place for watching movies,Read More →

Rainwater gutters are good method used to collect water from rooftops and channel it to storage containers and tanks for storage. Rainwater captured by the gutters can be used for domestic purposes such as irrigation toilet flushing and other house chores that require water. If well-treated, it can also be used as drinking water. The trapped water can also reduce the dependency of municipal water supply and reduce water bills. It can however be more effective in rainy climates than dry weather. There is a need to clean our gutters Can we depend on the water captured from our rooftops if our gutters aren’t clean?Read More →