How to Display Art and Photography in Your Home: Make a Favorite Piece or Photo into a Piece of Decor

How to Display Art and Photography in Your Home: Make a Favorite Piece or Photo into a Piece of Decor

Whether it’s art that you’ve admired for years or photos of family members and cherished memories, most people have some pieces they’d like to display. Art adds an element of personality to a home, but most people have trouble figuring out how to display these pieces. Here are some ideas for displaying a collection or a single stand-alone piece.

The Centerpiece

Taking into account the shape of the room and the light coming into it, choose a wall that will amply fit your standout piece. A large vintage map or a very big painting work best for this kind of display. Hang the art so that the center of the painting hits the wall at 57 inches from the floor. Hanging a centerpiece over a couch, in a breezy hallway or in a dining room are all ways to make the centerpiece stand out. Adding a great frame that matches other elements in the house is also a great strategy.

The Collection

This arrangement works best for a grouping of 6-10 photos or works of art that are the exact same size. This would work well for a grouping of vintage fashion sketches, large photographs in a similar color family or drawings of flowers. Having a unifying element is important, so whether it’s color family, era or subject matter, make sure they seem like they belong together.

Measuring carefully, hang the items in coordinating frames (the same size and weight, but not necessarily the same color if you’d like to get playful) in a grid-like arrangement or a long line, depending on the room and wall you’ve chosen. Echoing an architectural feature in the room also makes the arrangement look custom.

The Photo Wall

If there are photos everywhere that aren’t displayed enough, this is a great way to display them. Starting with a wall that’s blank of furniture or clutter from floor to ceiling and to both sides, collect all the photos, use a digital editing software to convert to black and white (or keep them in color for a quirkier display) and frame them all with coordinating frames.

Measuring carefully, hang the frames in a stark grid (which will give it order instead of making it look chaotic) from floor to ceiling. Depending on the size of your wall, you could display hundreds of treasured family photos this way, in addition to creating a conversation starters for visiting guests.

The Pair

Picking two pieces of art or photography that work well together is tough — try matching elements in both, similar colors or a same size. Have them framed in the same way and hang them together, about an inch apart, as if they came as a set. Place this set anywhere in the home, and remember that the larger these are on their own, the more of a splash they’ll make together.

By displaying art in a thoughtful way, a home stays organized and neat and each installation looks like a custom, thought-out piece.

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