Garden planting for winter

Garden planting for winter

Gardening is a passionate hobby that can be enjoyed regardless of changing doesn’t matter whether rain or shine hot or cold there is beauty to be enjoyed in gardening. We have to take time to plant for winter effect, aswell assummer and there is no reason why our lawn and garden should lose its appealing beauty during the cold winter. Flowers may not be there during this cold season but we may be able to work with different colors to maintain the scenic beauty that once was.

The snow covering the land scape in itself provides attractive scenery and how much more beauty can be seen if you add color. Actually there are many wonderful ways a touch of brightness to the winter land scapeleaving it appealing like the summer months.

A well planned winter garden actually overpowers many attractive features that a summer garden lacks. Our eyes never tire of color and blooms of summer garden but the winter garden is relatively beautiful and brings with it a wonderful charm of a garden scene.

The vastness of the and the winter clear skies is brought about by the bare branches. One of the most beautiful trees are the evergreens and shrubs to plant in the winter garden. Their bright green branches covered in snow are one of nature’s finest irony of seril beauty that is unmeasured .a contrast coloris created especially when the evergreens areplanted in an area that is visually effective.

We often plant evergreens in areas where visually ineffective not knowing that a time will come(winter)where they will need to display their winter charming effects.

Evergreens should be planted a good distance away from the house to give them a chance to display their beauty during the much as the evergreen is gifted in its own peculiar way it’s also important to present them in the right way. Let them serve as backgrounds against which to bring out the colors that rival to some extent the flowers of the summer.

Alders are also a winter wonder. How bright their scarlet berries radiated. Their intense color is as that of a flame which seems to radiate warmth in the winter cold. The Alders scarlet fire, presented against a green background of Evergreens will make the winter glow with brilliant color. Another garden wonder that has a spectacular winter scene is the RedBranchedWillow especially when positioned against a backdrop of Evergreens they bring about a contrast of color which appears as though chiseled from the coral. The effects are breath taking. Bittersweet ‘with its clusters of red and orange contrasted against the evergreen produces an effect unrivaled by many flowers.

Another beautiful winter shrub is the Bayberry with its grayish-white berries are studded. There are many other winter shrubs that display berries of blue, purple and black combing these additional colors to the winter landscape will widen the range of the color in your garden.
Remember to add this long list of plant this spring keeping an open eye of the next winter the joy of gardening should be enjoyed throughout the year and not only summer.

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