Homemade Detergent

Homemade Detergent

One of the things that we run out of the most frequently in our house is laundry soap. The cost always struck me as a little high especially when you consider half of what you are getting in the bottle is water.

One day as I was lamenting to a friend about this never-ending problem, she recommended that I try making my own. I thought why not and have been doing so for months. Not only do I save at least $15 a month, I have also eliminated some of the fillers and dyes that irritate my son’s sensitive skin without paying for the “specially designed” formulas for sensitive skin.

This will take you about 20 minutes to make. I usually buy a three pack of soap bars and mix up a larger batch. Depending on how often I do laundry it will last me a month to a month and a half.


1 cup grated soap ( 1-3 oz bar usually equals the same amt)

½ c borax

½ c washing soda*

After you have assembled your ingredients mix together in a bowl or other container. For each load mix in 2 Tbsp of the detergent. Depending on your washer you may need more or less. I have found this amount works well for most laundry. For extremely dirty clothes you can add another Tbsp.

I used a standard box grater to grate my soap. Use the side with the smallest holes. You will get the best result and have finely grated soap for your detergent. If you can’t bear the thought of grating all that soap by hand, investing in a small food processor to use for this might be the best idea for you.

Washing soda can be difficult to find. Check in the pool supplies section of your local stores. If you can’t find washing soda, try an oxygenated cleaner in your supermarket’s laundry section. I use a generic and it works great!

If you have a high efficiency washer, you may want to make a smaller batch just to test and see if it works as well.

To help boost this formula even more, especially if i’m going to be washing a lot of my husband’s filthy work clothes, I will add 1/2 cup baking soda. It helps get that tough grime out of his jeans and t-shirts.

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