We all Want Rainwater: Are your Gutters Clean?

We all Want Rainwater: Are your Gutters Clean?

Rainwater gutters are good method used to collect water from rooftops and channel it to storage containers and tanks for storage. Rainwater captured by the gutters can be used for domestic purposes such as irrigation toilet flushing and other house chores that require water. If well-treated, it can also be used as drinking water. The trapped water can also reduce the dependency of municipal water supply and reduce water bills. It can however be more effective in rainy climates than dry weather.

There is a need to clean our gutters

Can we depend on the water captured from our rooftops if our gutters aren’t clean? Will it be safe to store and use water collected using dirty gutters with rotting stuff in them? And even if you don’t want to use the rain water, will clogged and stuffed gutters channel rooftop water away from your basement and foundations? Answers to these questions reveal that there is a need to         clean your gutters.

Collecting rooftop water is made possible by a collecting system which comprises of; the roof as the catchment area, the rain gutters and pipes that directs the water from the catchment area to the tanks, the storage tanks for storing the tapped water. Advanced system will employ the use of pumps to pull water from the tank to where it is used that will have filters to purify the water. You should use material that does not leach toxins or foster pathogens it the rainwater is to use for drinking or irrigation. Galvanized steel tanks that are aligned with polythene or other food-dread liner are a good example.

Collected water from the roof meant for drinking or gardening must be free from materials that do not leach toxins. An example is asphalt shingles leach toxins into the water, but metal roofs or slate shingles do not. Different gutter system will have different volume ratio on the water collected .for instance a low pitch roof will cause less loss of water than a high pitched one. There is no standard recommended size of rainwater tanks therefore it will depend on the capacity that will be relevant to homes or houses.

When using gutter to collect rainwater extra maintenance should be employed especially when cleaning the gutters. You should check for dead rodents that may be trapped of poisoner leaves that may be fetal for human consumption. If you aren’t sure of what needs to be done when inspecting and cleaning gutters, contact a professional gutter cleaner for assistance.

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